Upcoming Release: Odysseus - Summer 2022

With the young saxophonist’s latest effort, Odysseus, a striking duo improvisation with the iconic guitarist Ben Monder. Spontaneously composed from beginning to end, it juxtaposes an entire journey’s-worth of Winstone’s darting melodies against Monder’s haunting glacial soundscapes. Odysseus is set for release summer of 2022

George's music is available for purchase on BandCamp, Amazon music, and the Itunes store.


Recorded September 2021, live at Matthew Garrisons Shapeshifter Lab, Spiritual, an original composition dedicated to the music of Kenny Garrett and John Coltrane, is Winstone's most recent release - providing a compelling insight into his development as an artist since moving to New York City. With Jon Elbaz (piano), Nick Jozwiak (bass) and Kayvon Gordon (drums), George and his band mine into the language and feeling of the past, searching to express an authentic and personal connection to the lineage of Jazz. A somber and wise tone permeates the music as Winstone and company uplift with devotional expression.

Outer Spaces

Released Summer 2018, with Charlie Stacey (piano), Jamie Murray (drums) and Mikele Montolli (bass) Outer Spaces is firmly a modern jazz record. But it draws its inspiration and influence from many musical traditions, from Western and Indian classical musics to traditional African music.


For George, music is about expressing only what is natural to yourself. ‘I want my compositions to reflect exactly who I am and what I want to hear, but also allow for everyone in the band to make the music truly their own.’.


This is music from the heart, spirit and mind. George takes unexpected routes to get to the point, but first and foremost the honesty of this music is the first thing he hopes the listener gets.

Outer Spaces is available for listening on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and is available for purchase via the iTunes store or here at: georgewinstone.bandcamp.com/releases

Released: June 7th 2018

Compositions, Alto Saxophone - George Winstone 
Piano - Charlie Stacey 
Double Bass - Mikele Montolli 
Drums - Jamie Murray